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SWDRA Bracket Challenge Races

SWDRA Bracket Challenge Races
(Must be a member to participate)

Open time trials
Payouts to each class (Elec, nonElec, Junior)

The bracket challenge races are open to SWDRA members only. You can become a member and pay your $30 member fee the day of the race. There are three classes in the challenge; Electronic, Non-electronic and Jr Dragster. Each class will be given open time trials.

 RACERS: be prepared to start time trials immediately after the lanes opens. This will ensure we have enough time to space our rounds.


At the track gate, each racer must buy a $25 tech card.

$25 Challenge Race Entry fee ($20 goes to purse, $5 to SWDRA)

Payouts voted on by racers attending that day.

Race Dates





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